Oberlausitzer Heide- und Teichlandschaft

A day in the biosphere reserve…

In the morning, hear the sounds of swans beating their wings and geese honking. Biking along an oak-lined lane past rustling reeds and glittering ponds. Watch the sea eagle as it soars in higher and higher circles. Over sandy paths through fragrant pine forests. Discover bilingualism on street signs and notices. Glance back over your shoulder to see the fish farm at work. Enjoy some fresh fish. Encounter small castles by the wayside. In the evening, listen to the bellowing stag, followed by the trumpeting of the crane.


goose (Photo: Axel Gebauer)

The Oberlausitzer Heide- und Teichlandschaft offers a wealth of experiences for all ages. Learn more below about the founding and distinctive features of this unique landscape. We will provide you with a brief portrait of the characteristic environments and selected animal and plant species.

Landscape (german)

Habitat Classification – land in the ice-age glacial valley (german)

Geology – from granite massifs, crater lakes and ice ages(german)

Soils – fluvic gleysol, podsol and dune sand (german)

Hydrography – 2x Spree rivers, 2x Schöps rivers and 350 ponds (german)

Climate – continental, like nowhere else in Germany (german)

Settlement history (german)

Land use (german)


Nature (german)

Biotope complexes (german)

Flora & Fauna (german)

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